2014/15 was the almost season. We weren’t quite good enough to gain automatic promotion and we almost made it through the play-offs, foiled by the penalty shoot-out and also referee Ross Joyce‘s bizarre decision to not send off Bristol Rovers‘ keeper early in the match because he didn’t want to spoil the game. But we’re not going to dwell on that.

Anyway, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Many of the squad stayed with us to challenge again – and succeed at last – in 2015/16 . Disley, Pearson, McKeown, Toto and Arnold were all at Wembley when we eventually got the result we deserved.

Moving on after the disappointment of losing out to the Gas were The Shop – Lenell John-Lewis, Carl Magnay and Ollie Palmer.

Also turning out for Town during the season were Paul Bignot, brother of future manager Marcus; our eventual nemesis and pantomime villain Harry Pell and Scunthorpe‘s Andrew Boyce who would come to sign for us when we returned to the League.

Let’s have a look at the shirt, okay?

201415 Errea home 2

I’m going to lay my cards on the table straight away and say I love this shirt. It’s ace. It smashes the promotion season shirt out of the park and also looks far better than the 2016/17 shirt.

Look at the collar – almost vintage in its design and it looks really classy. The Errea logo and club crest are both embroidered so no niggles there. Even the Youngs banner doesn’t intrude.

The stripes are a perfect width , despite the slightly unnecessary ‘pinching’ of the two outer black stripes.

I can’t find anything to moan about. Get yourself one of these if you haven’t already – it’s a future classic!

201415 Errea home 3