2013/14 wasn’t all that bad was it? The away shirt is one I view fondly with hindsight and looking back, it wasn’t that bad a season, despite not actually winning owt.

You can click on the link to the away shirt to know who wore this one too, otherwise let’s take look at the shirt.

One of the reasons a lot of clubs go with Errea as a kit manufacturer, especially in the lower leagues, is that the Italian company will produce unique designs rather than using templates. However, there are some basic templates and some of them aren’t too shabby.

The 2013/14 (and also 2014/15) 3rd shirt is one of these and I like it a lot, because it’s plain and uncluttered. Call it ‘no frills’ or call it a classic, traditional design; you say potato, I say potato. Er..

Apart from the red insert on the white collar, this shirt is almost identical to the 2007/08 Nike 3rd shirt. And now I’m struggling to think what else to say about it  it’s a plain, red football shirt. That’s it.

Pick one up on eBay if you get the chance. You might occasionally see matchworn shirts too.

201314 Errea 3rd 4