2011/12 was our second season in non-League and I think we’d all admit to being a little shell-schocked that we hadn’t bounced straight back after our relegation 2010. We were non-League but it took us a little while to accept it and pull together but for a while we were firmly ensconced in the “we should be beating these; we’re a big club” mindset.

The previous season had been a nightmare as we struggled to compete despite having Alan Connell scoring for fun. We’d sacked Neil Woods in February and replaced him with tandem managers Rob Scott and Paul Hurst, only to see Connell leave us in the summer. The new season started badly with us getting soundly twatted by Braintree in only the second game and despite a new goalscoring hero in Liam Hearn we still only managed to finish 11th.

A huge amount of players turned out for Town this season as the managers brought in players hoping to find the quality we needed. While we might need the help of Wikipedia or Soccerbase to remind ourselves of some of the names there are a few who became (Grimsby and Cleethorpes) household names.

Apart from the aforementioned Hearn, the summer saw the arrival of Craig Disley, James McKeown and Shaun Pearson who would all stay with the club, eventually winning promotion at Wembley in May 2016.

This was also Serge Makofo‘s only full (and underwhelming) season with Town but I think I speak for all Town fans when I say I wish the spectacularly named Manny Panther had amounted to more.

201112 Errea home 4

On to the home shirt then, okay?

This was Errea’s 4th season as kit manufacturer and while there were good things to point out there is one major problem:

Grimsby Town play in black and white stripes and this is clearly black with white stripes which clearly will not do!

Apart from that though, it’s a decent shirt. The V neck is neat and the Errea logo is embroidered rather than part of the pattern. Little things but they make a difference. Despite the stripes faux pas I like it. If you’re a collector then pick one up if you get a chance as there aren’t as many around as the shirts from later conference seasons.