It’s hard to think about any aspect of the 2009/10 season without thinking about relegation. Relegation from the Football League. It was coming; we’d flirted with it for years but even so, when it actually happened it was a shock. We didn’t know how to deal with it and if we’re honest it took us – club and fans – 5 or 6 years before we accepted we were a non-League side.

Look at the squad and it’s a mix of players who weren’t quite up to it and a few who were adequate but probably wanted to be elsewhere. Manager Mike Newell was gone in the October but replacement Neil Woods, despite his reputation as a player, just didn’t have teh skills or experience we needed

A good few of the players who wore this shirt are still playing their trades in the League today but let’s not dwell on who specifically as we’ll just end up debating the pros and cons of Barry Conlon et al.

200910 errea home 2

Putting aside how the season ended (and started), the home shirt isn’t too shabby.

There is a definite nod to classic Hobott shirts with the anything goes approach – plain shoulder panels above the traditional stripes; faux piping; red insert in the v-collar.

The GTFC on the collar itself is a little pointless but to pick fault with that would be nitpicking,

The main faults are that the piping isn’t real piping, simply part of the shirt’s print and that the manufacturer’s logo is also part of the print, yet the club crest is and embroidered badge. Oh well. there are a few of these kicking about still so head on over to ebay and pick up a souvenir of dark, dark days.

200910 errea home 3