The 1999/00 was a season we probably hated at the time but looking back now, we’d sell our own grandmothers to get back. We finished 20th in the second tier of English football with Alan Buckley at the helm. Yeah okay, struggling to stay up, but we were never going to get promoted into the Premier League, were we?  We love to moan and I guess we were spoilt with Buckley’s successes at Wembley a couple of years before. The next season the board would show Sir Alan the door and replace him with Lennie Lawrence. You don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s taken away, right?  

The squad was rammed with names we all remember and there are at least twenty who you’d jump at the chance of signing in their prime; they’d walk into our current squad.

The core of the Wembley squad was still in place and additions had been pretty decent too. Groves, Burnett, Donovan, Butterfield, Coyne, McDermott, Handyside.. Do I need to continue? Top scorer was Lee Ashcroft with a respectable 12 goals. Oh and Buckley junior was in the squad. The less said about that, the better.

I wasn’t keen on the Avec shirts at the time. I’d much preferred the Lotto kit of the Wembley season but looking back, some of them weren’t bad at all. I hated this shirt when it was released. It reminded me a Fred Perry polo and a Fred Perry shirt is always better in plain colours with minimal trim, right?

But’s it’s grown on me and I can see why it was and still is so popular with both shirt collectors and fans. It’s well made; the collar is decent and there’s no unnecessary trim or patterning. It’s durable too. I don’t even mind the huge Dixon sponsor logo but maybe teh club crest could have been larger? I’m nitpicking. If you haven’t got one already then do yourself a favour and get digging on eBay!