Let’s be honest, the 2008/09 season was awful. Chairman Fenty sacked Alan Buckley in September, replacing him with Mike Newell. We only stayed in the league thanks to Luton being deducted a massive 30 points. Rotherham, Darlington and Bournemouth also had deductions but finished above us

The squad was huge; far too big and obviously unsettled as Newell flailed about trying and failing to make it work. Adam Proudlock was the top scorer with 8 (eight) goals and there were a fair few local lads in the squad, too. Prune the squad to a core 22 or so players and let it gel and maybe Newell wouldn’t have struggled so much; there were enough decent players, including Ryan Bennett, Bradley Wood, Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro, Peter Till and of course Penis Peter Sweeney. 

And Barry Conlon.

200809 Errea home 2

Town’s kit manufacturer was (and still is) Errea and while some fans might complain that the durability of their shirts can be a little lacking and also sizing is a bit random, they have come up with some great designs. All three kits this season looked pretty decent.

The home shirt has a lot going for it – the stripes are a a good thickness and the club badge is embroidered too. It feels thicker than more recent Errea shirts and seems like it is more resistant to pulls too.

The mesh panels under the arm and the inserts from clavicle to armpit (I am not a doctor) are a little odd but they look okay from a distance. There’s also an arse-topping ‘Mariners’ on the rear white panel.

Would I change anything? Manufacturer’s logo and club crest should be boob-mounted not stacked vertically.